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Basic Search Overview

  • You can enter any words that will help you find the item that you are looking for
  • The order that you enter these words does not matter
  • All words entered will have to exist for a match (like Google, there is a default AND between words. To run a search with OR - meaning find at least one these search words - use the Advanced Search).
  • Case does not matter, nor do punctuation or diacritics
  • The search automatically looks for plurals or gerunds (-ing), e.g. "struggle" will find "struggles" or "struggling"
  • In Basic Search use symbol * to find words starting with the search term, e.g. "citizen*" will find "citizenship"
  • Choose a more focused search by using the drop-down selector at the end of the input field to search against all Keywords, or all Titles, or all Authors or all Subjects

Searching against the various sub groupings

Choose to search Keywords, Titles, Authors or Subjects by left-clicking on the down arrow icon at the right hand end of the Basic Search entry field:

Four keyword sub-groupings are currently supported: (All) Keywords, Titles, Authors or Subjects. For example, if you want to find items related to health policy in Ontario, enter search term "health policy ontario" and then select the "Subjects" from the drop-down list.

Don't hesitate to ask your librarian for help in determining what Subjects to look for!

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